Alaska HR Consulting

Anchorage Alaska HR Consulting, a division of Burr, Pease & Kurtz (, and in partnership with Litster Frost, is committed to the notion that human resource management should be a forward-thinking, prevention-minded endeavor.  Some legal conflicts in managing a workforce may be inevitable, but most are preventable.  The employers that can spot potential problems before they ripen into legal claims will be miles ahead of those that simply cross their fingers and wait for the lawsuit.

We provide human resource consultants in and around Anchorage as well Boise, ID. All consultants are worth their fee are trained to monitor the ever-shifting landscape of employer liability.  Unlike other human resource consultants, Alaska HR Consulting is staffed with experienced, licensed employment attorneys who will help your company to prevent the claims that are avoidable, and defend you in court against those claims that cannot be avoided.  The advantage to you is a coordinated approach to managing your human resources: (1) a long-range, issue-driven plan of prevention, tailored to the particular needs of your organization, combined with (2) the security and flexibility of responding to immediate legal conflict.

On this website, you will find some of the ways that Alaska HR Consulting may be of service to your company.  Initial consultations are free.  Call (907-222-3442), fax (907-258-2530) or email ( ) us for an appointment at your convenience.