Philosophy of Prevention

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” The maxim is as true for the health of a business as it is for the health of an individual.  Too many companies wait until a workforce problem develops before taking protective measures.  Unfortunately, responding to a problem after an employee files a claim, or after a government agency finds reason to conduct an investigation, is often an ineffective and expensive way to manage human resources. 

Employees are better educated about their legal rights than ever before.  Governmental regulation of the workplace is steadily increasing in breadth and complexity.  While the legal system can and will resolve employment disputes, it does so unpredictably, inefficiently and at extraordinary financial and human resource expense to employers.  The cost of a competent legal defense is now so high that even if the employer wins in court, it loses on the balance sheet.  Of course, all too often employers do not win in court. Juries hand down whopping damage awards against employers, in favor of plaintiff employees, because of disputes, misunderstandings and legal violations that could have easily been avoided. 

The goal of every employer should be to do whatever is reasonable to reduce liability and to prevent problems before they occur.  Whether your employees number fifteen or fifteen hundred, correctly managing a workforce is a complicated and never-ending responsibility.

Alaska HR Consulting is dedicated to the ethic of problem prevention.  Should it ever become necessary, the attorneys at Alaska HR Consulting can defend you in court and advise you on litigation matters.  However, it is the mission of Alaska HR Consulting to assist you in avoiding litigation and other expensive, time-consuming conflicts with your employees or the government.  Pro-active, prevention-minded management is critical to a healthy business.  Whether by reviewing your policies and procedures, training your supervisors, revising your legal notices, drafting your contracts and agreements, working with government agencies, or helping you plan for workforce changes, Alaska HR Consulting can help keep your human and financial resources where they belong – working for your business, rather than putting out fires.